Micro Grants

In order to promote entrepreneurship as a career path the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship wants to support pupils, students and ph.d. students who have good ideas. As a result the Foundation for Entrepreneurship offers a series of micro grants to students.

Next application deadline:

4th October 2018 


You can apply for three different types of Micro Grants in this application round.


  • GREEN MICRO GRANT: Micro grants for green startups/ideas that focus on green business development, new and innovative green business models (e.g circular economy) and/or sustainable development?
  • SOCIAL MICRO GRANT: Micro grants for social economic startups/ideas that focus on creating social value as wellas economic value
  • GENERAL MICRO GRANT: Micro grants for all other types of startups/ideas


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Apply for funding


Who can apply for a micro grant?


Does your idea have great potential, and are you a student at a higher education in Denmark? Then you can apply for a micro grant from the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship.



All students and ph.d. students enrolled at a higher educational institution in Denmark can apply for a Micro Grant. In order to apply you must have a good idea. This idea may be at the idea stage or perhaps you have already acquired a CVR number and with a turnover of less than DKK 50,000.


Type of grants


We support with two types of micro grants:


  • Micro grant for students with an idea in the early stage without cvr. number. Here you can apply for a grant up to 25,000 DKK to cover the early cost in your startup. 
  • Micro grant for students who have just acquired a cvr number. Here you can apply for a grant up to 50,000 DKK in order for your startup to mature and achieve growth capital. NB: This Micro Grant requires 25% of the amount in self-co-financing (on top of the grant).


What can the micro grant be used for?


This apply to both types of grants


A part of the application procedure is to hand in a budget that shows what you are going to use the grant for. It is however important that the grant is used for activities that noticeable moves your idea/startup closer to market, growth. job creation etc. The budget will be evaluated as part of the application.

The grant cannot be used for travel expenses, running the company (hardware, salary, office furniture etc.) or for competitions.


The grant should be used for covering the needs of your business. It can be a mixture of paid services, counselling and products. Here is a list of things that a micro grant may cover:


  • Prototyping
  • Market Research
  • Pilot tests - eg. equipment rental or purchase of reagents
  • Consultations, advice and mentoring
  • Programming 
  • Patent application



The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship share the applications with members of the evaluation committee. Note that the commitee varies. The foundation encourages the entrepreneurs not to include valuable business insights (e.g. technical details regarding a new invention) in the business plan, and only to discuss the idea on a general level. It is very rare, that these details will be crucial for whether or not the grant is given. Furthermore, since the foundation and the committee review a great amount of applications throughout the year, that may contain many similarities, too many details may cause an extra work load for our committee. We therefore encourage you to keep such details to a limit.      



We recommend you to participate in entrepreneurship competitions. For students at university level we recommend Venture Cup. For students at Erhvervsakademier, University College, Maritime educations and art schools we recommend Start Up Programme.

Participating in these competitions will be a great opportunity to improve the development of yoyr idea concept while strengthening your own entrepreneurial competences.  


Get counselling at your student incubator

Find your student incubator here


Who is behind the micro grants?


The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship


How do I apply?

An application contains a

  1. Application form (word)
  2. Budget (excel)
  3. Video pitch (link - We do NOT accept the video pitch in a file or for download in e.g. dropbox.) 
  4. Appendix in pdf (if you have any)


Download application form and budget template on the right. More information about the application procedure can be found below. Please be aware that there are different application forms and budget templates.




Step 1

  • Download the application form for the grant you wish to apply for (see right side)
  • Fill out the application form and name the document
  • Are you applying for a grant without cvr number:TeamName_Application_UCVR
  • Are you applying for a grant with cvr number TeamName_Application_MCVR

NB: Please be aware that all application forms must be uploaded in word and when you name the documents remember to use _ (underscore) or else we might not get your application.


Step 2

  • Download the Budget form you wish to apply for (grant specific)
  • Fill out the Budget form and name it
  • Are you applying for a grant without cvr number: TeamName_Budget_UCVRG
  • Are you applying for a grant with cvr number: TeamName_Budget_MCVRG


Step 3

  • If you have any other material (pdf) relevant for your application, this must be named: TeamName_Appendix  


Step 4

  • Fill out the application form by accepting “terms and conditions” below.
  • Insert link to your video pitch - We DO NOT accept the video pitch in a file or for download in e.g. dropbox. 
  • Upload the application form, Budget form and other relevant material (appendix).  


Step 5

  • You will receive a confirmation by email when we have received your application.
  • All candidates will receive an email with an answer as to whether or not they have been approved for a grant, as soon as the applications have been evaluated by the committee. This takes approx. one month.