Application Micro Grant

To apply for Micro Grant you must accept the following terms and conditions before continuing to the application procedure. **strong text**

Terms & Conditions

I confirm as Micro Grant Applicant that:


     I am a full time student in Higher education or a PhD student at an educational institution in Denmark 
     I am inscribed as a student at the time of the application and at the time of the signature of the contract 
     I am following a complete educational programme at an educational institution in Denmark (that is, not just a semester) 
     At least half of the team/company are students at a higher education in Denmark 
     At least one of these students is co-founder of the company (registered as a founder on the cvr. number)
     Our company has had a turnover of no more than DKK 50.000 in total 
     I will answer questionnaires from the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship.


 I have read and accepted the Terms of Conditions