Find the answer to the most frequently asked questions

Who can apply for a micro grant?


  • full time students/pupils at an educational institution in Denmark, at upper secondary level, higher education level, or PhD level.

  • students/pupils who are registered as students/pupils at the time at which they submit the application and sign the contract.

  • Students/pupils who follow a full degree/programme at a Danish educational institution (i.e. not just one semester).

  • Minimum half of the team/company have to be students/pupils at upper secondary level, higher education level or PhD level in Denmark.

  • Minimum one of these students/pupils must be co-founder of the company. The applicant must be a co-founder (stifter) on the cvr number.

  • Your company must have a revenue of no more than DKK 50,000 in total.


How many grants can be sought for each idea?

You can apply for one grant for every company/team/project.


Can you apply for a grant if you start up your company abroad?

No, you must start up your company in Denmark. But it is allowed to do business with foreign suppliers.


Is the grant tax-free?

No, the net amount is taxable (grant minus the self-financing of 25%). All grants will be reported as B-income either through a cpr-number or through the company's CVR-number.

We recommend you to contact your local SU-office or tax office for further information regarding tax when receiving af Micro grant. 



Vat (25%) is included in the amount you are able to buy for. 


What can we use the Micro Grant for?

The grant must be used for covering the needs of your business and validate your idea. It may be a mixture of paid services, counselling and products that are able to validate the idea and bring the business closer to its market, proof of concept, growth and job creation. This could be Prototyping, programming, market research, pilot tests, counselling etc. The Micro Grant can not be spendt on travelling, operational costs (such as hardware, office furniture and other fixture) or competitions. 


Do I need to report the company's expenses to the Foundation?

Yes, the foundation must accept the company’s budget, before you can use the grant. In the budget you must therefore report all the expenses for which you intend to use the grant. In this regard, it is important that you check up on the costs of the services that you intend to use beforehand.

To avoid any misunderstandings when setting up your budget, please follow the “budget guide” (see right side).


How and when will the fundings be transferred?

You can buy services from one or several suppliers.
The invoice(s) should be issued to you/your company with your Micro Grant number on the invoice. 

The invoce is send to you and you check that the amunt and text is correct. Then you forward the invoice to our accounts department anne@ffe-ye.dk and we will pay the invoice. 

Remember to clearly mark your grant number in the email, and please note that the bought services need to fulfill the requirements of what the grant may cover (see What can the fundings be applied for?).

If a service/product is bought outside Europe and the invoice comes from outside of Europe, the micro grant recipient must pay the invoice and then the amount will be transferred to you from the foundation after you have send us some documentation for the payment. 

To ease the administration of the grant, we furthermore require the amount of total invoices are no more than 4. If you have bought more than one service with one supplier, we recommend that the costs for the services figure on the same invoice. 

You do not receive the grant in cash. 


Self-financing- what is this? (Only relevant for companies with a CVR number)

When you apply for a Micro Grant to a CVR-registered company, 25% of the bought service must be self-financed (paid by the company itself). This means that if you have applied for a grant of 50,000.- you are in a position to buy one or more services for a total of 62,500.- including vat.

When all invoices have been submitted and paid by the foundation, the foundation will charge you the 25% self-financing. Your company must pay this immediately after your last invoice has been paid for. 

You are also welcome to pay your suppliers directly. In this case, you must send an email to the foundation including the invoice and documentation for the payment. The Foundation will in that case pay 80% of the amount spent, so that the self-financing has been directly deducted.    

Is there a deadline for when the fundings have to be spent?

Yes, you have a total of 3 months to spend the fundings. This period starts from the day when you receive the email with our commitment. Please also see the deadline in your contract. 



The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship share the applications with members of the evaluation committee. Note that the commitee varies. The foundation encourages the entrepreneurs not to include valuable business insights (e.g. technical details regarding a new invention) in the business plan, and only to discuss the idea on a general level. It is very rare, that these details will be crucial for whether or not the grant is given. Furthermore, since the foundation and the committee review a great amount of applications throughout the year, that may contain many similarities, too many details may cause an extra work load for our committee. We therefore encourage you to keep such details to a limit.