Is your student startup doing good while doing business?

And are you looking for investment to grow your student startup? Sign up for Student Startup Growth Academy, and get the chance to pitch at this year's Impact Investor Ball!

The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship is a foundation that lives and breathes entrepreneurship education and is helping student startups to succeed. In collaboration with the Embassy of the United States Copenhagen Denmark and The Danish Bankers Association we are now repeating last year's success.


We are pleased to invite student startups to sign up for Student Startup Growth Academy - a mini master class in how to raise capital for a growth adventure. Qualified startups from Student Startup Growth Academy will be invited to Impact Investor Ball at Rydhave, where some of the startups will be picked to pitch their business case for a great crowd of investors, business professionals, politicians, international American companies and the United States’ Ambassador, Rufus Gifford.


Therefore, if your student startup is generating impact, you do not want to miss this opportunity. We think impact can be generated in many ways, so do not hesitate to sign up for Student Startup Growth Academy, and get the chance to pitch at this year's Impact Investor Ball! Hear about the two events here, from U.S. Ambassador Rufus Gifford. 


It is no longer possible to sign up for Student Startup Growth Academy




  1.     Download the application form  (see right side)
  2.     Fill out the application form and name the document StartupName_application
  3.     Upload your application and Business Plan (if any)


Get selected to participate

Due to a limited number of seats available at Student Startup Growth Academy, we will, together with Keystones select those startups showing the greatest investment potential. A maximum of three team members can participate.


Who can sign up?

Student Startup Growth Academy and Impact Investor Ball is for higher education/PhD students and newly graduates from Danish universities and other higher education institutions. 


  • Minimum half of the startup team members must be full-time students at higher education level or PhD level in Denmark – or have graduated within the last 12 months from a Danish university, or other higher education institutions. 
  • Minimum one of these students must be the co-founder of the company.
  • The startup must be CVR registered in Denmark.
  • The startup is generating environmental, health or social impact.
  • The startup is ready to seek growth capital or interested in collaborating with a large U.S. corporation.


Student Startup Growth Academy

At Student Startup Growth Academy we aim to prepare you for meeting with the investors. If you have no experience with or expertise in the acquisition of venture capital, it may be an impossible task to reach the finish line with an investor and you might risk not receiving the necessary capital for growing your company.


The Danish Bankers Associations is the host of Student Startup Growth Academy and Keystones, a leading matchmaker between ambitious startups and more than 1000 business angels and private investors, will prepare your startup for your next investor meeting by giving you the right tools to professionalize the company’s approach to raising finance. At the Student Startup Growth Academy, Keystones will bring you steps closer to a sustainable growth path, business development and future investment. 


You can look forward to a rewarding training course:


  • Find the right funding source for you startup
  • Qualify your startup investment material, deal flow & pitch
  • Learn more about investor meetings & negotiation
  • Get valuable tips & tricks and increase your knowledge about how to navigate in the Danish funding/startup ecosystem
  • Challenge your business plan and optimize the foundation of your company
  • Discover new business opportunities 



The Startup Growth Academy will take place on 22 August, at The Danish Bankers Associations, Amaliegade 7, 1256 København


Impact Investor Ball

At Impact Investor Ball you will have the opportunity to network and present your business to possible investors. Maybe your startup will get picked to pitch your case on stage and get feedback from a panel consisting of investors and business professionals.

This event well be a unique opportunity to:

  • Pitch your idea and meet an invaluable network of passionate participants, potential partners and risk-minded investors and business angels with an international scope
  • Get feedback on and insightful recommendations for your business idea 
  • Reach new business opportunities
  • Expand your network


Two grants of 15.000 DKK, from DANA and UPS are given during the Impact Investor Ball. 


The Impact Investor Ball will take place in late August, at Rydhave, the residence of the United States' Ambassador.


For any further questions, please contact:

Project assistant Ida Holm,, tel.: 31402869

Project assistant Michala Ory-Hviid, tel.: 29162277