Innovation Clusters for Entrepreneurship Education (ICEE)

The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship is partner in a 3-year policy experimentation project, which will provide ’policy recommendations’ for politicians at the national level and EU level about how to best implement entrepreneurship education in the education system.

As a basis for providing recommendations for the policy level, four ’innovation clusters’ are working on Analysis of National Strategies, Contents and Tools, Teacher Training and Assessment.


During the project, field trials are carried out in 20 different secondary schools in 5 countries, where pupils achieve practical experiences with entrepreneurship in 'Mini Companies'. By means of quantitative and qualitative methods the field trials will provide an analysis of student results and the impact on society and the education system. 


The project runs from 1 February 2015 to 31 January 2018 and involves partners from Belgium-Flanders, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Latvia and Norway. 


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