Progression model

The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship works to spread entrepreneurship throughout the Danish education system - from ABC to PhD. The progression model is the Foundation’s suggested overall frame of understanding for progression and learning objectives within a multifarious and multi-facetted educational system.

The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship has worked out a model for the understanding of entrepreneurship education throughout the educational system. The purpose of the model is to inspire and help clarify which learning objectives and activities may be included in professional contexts at different schools and educational institutions.


The ambition is also to ensure a common conceptual knowledge and an understanding of certain entrepreneurial learning objectives and their progression throughout the educational courses and system.


The model includes four dimensions: Action, Creativity, Environment, and Attitude. The four dimensions represent a theoretical frame of understanding for the entrepreneurial and innovative aspects in different educational contexts.


The model functions as:

  • an overall frame of understanding for entrepreneurial education
  • an illustration of the individual pupil’s or student’s entrepreneurial development and education
  • a starting point in connection with the evaluation and development of courses and their content
  • a basis for developing new forms of tests and exams.


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