The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship works towards implementing entrepreneurship throughout the Danish education system - from ABC to PhD. With this taxonomy the Foundation tries to gather knowledge about entrepreneurship education, while also suggesting a general framework for understanding progression and learning throughout a diverse and multifaceted education system.

The purpose of the taxonomy is to gather the Foundation's knowledge and experience on entrepreneurship education and provide a variety of perspectives on what education in entrepreneurship is and how lessons can be deployed and evaluated as educational practice.

The goal is to construct a correlation between the overall purpose of entrepreneurship education and concrete learning objectives; the content and the progression which teaching should have; and the feedback, evaluation and assessment which will support students and student learning. At the same time, we seek to describe how this unfolds as pedagogical practice in a diverse educational system with different levels, disciplines and traditions.

The text is intended for educators, leaders and decision makers at all levels of the education system - from primary school to higher education. With the broad aim, we seek to create a common thread throughout the education system and a common understanding of the phenomenon of entrepreneurship education.

Download the taxonomy (1st edition, 2015) here.

2nd edition (in Danish) is here.


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