Welcome to Project Edison

Project Edison is a fun and educational inventor competition where the pupils go through an innovative learning process. Project Edison is for pupils in the sixth and seventh grades.

Project Edison is a national inventor competition for pupils in the 6th and 7th grades. It is a long-term programme in which pupils acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of concept and product development. The goal is for each group to make a product which they will later present at a major fair.


The purpose of Edison is to give pupils the opportunity to participate in an innovative learning process at an early stage of their school education and possibly awaken their interest in entrepreneurship. The teaching is cross-curricular and the pupils get the opportunity to work independently and to unfold their creativity.


Pupils who participate in Edison will work with a broad, national theme determined by the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship in cooperation with a working group consisting of representatives from the participating municipalities. The pupils must participate in a one-day camp where they will receive tools for idea generation, for evaluation and presentation. The camp is a good basis for the succeeding project period where the pupils are going to work with their idea at their school. During autumn the pupils will work with product development, presentation technique, visualization, and market potential in order to prepare for the local fairs and for the national fair in November where they are going to present their final product to parents, teachers, and judges.


The Edison concept was elaborated in a cooperation between a range of schools in western jutland in the school year 2006/07, and in 2008/09 Young Enterprise took on the task of spreading the project to the entire country.


For further information contact Nikolaj Hansen at nikolaj@ffe-ye.dk or 65 45 24 45.