Danish Championship

The Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship is held on 1 June 2017 in the Royal Exchange Hall in Copenhagen for the 20 teams who have qualified in the regional championships. Before the Danish Championship all teams must upload a business plan of max. 15 pages.

On the day, all teams get a 10 minute closed interview with a panel of judges as well as 4 minutes to pitch the idea in front of everyone on stage at the Royal Exhange (Børsen). In each category, a winner is elected. Moreover, the winner and the second best are elected and both will represent Denmark at the European Championship.


The Danish Championship is held on 1 June 2017 at the Confederation of Danish Enterprise in the Royal Exchange Hall (Børssalen) in Copenhagen.


Teams will compete in 4 categories:


Optimised resource utilisation, recycling and green solutions. Focus can be on possibilities for sustainable life style and businesses, demographic challenges, urbanisation, new technological possibilities, product development, digitalisation, sharing economy.


Social Entrepreneurship:

Creation of social value for the individual or society, nationally or globally. Focus may be on society-changing measures, demographic challenges, education development, urbanisation, new technological possibilities and product development, digitalisation and sharing economy.



Development in the field of welfare, health or learning. Focus may be on improvement or optimisation of life and health challenges, new user experiences, new technology and products, financial technology, digitalisation and sharing economy.


Service innovation:

Development of experience and user design. Focus can be on development or optimisation of products and service design, experiences and events, financial technology, robot technology, digitalisation and sharing economy.



Information about deadline, hour and programme is announced later.


Information about evaluation criteria and description of purpose is found in the right side menu.


At the Danish Championship, the Entrepreneurial Institution of the Year is also elected. You can find all the earlier winners of the Danish Championship here.


Registration and upload of business plans for participants is done via My page

If you would like to participate as audience, please send us an e-mail on the address below. We will then contact you as soon as the official invitation is ready.


For more information please contact Rikke Fuglsang Hove at rikkef@ffe-ye.dk or on 31273212