Funding for study trips

The autumn application round is now open. Deadline is 16 September 2019 (at 23:59).

The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship supports international study trips with grants of up to DKK  75,000 in order to give higher education institutions knowledge, concepts and networks abroad.

In the Autumn application round, funds can be sought for both study trips for teachers that focus on entrepreneurship in general, and study trips for teachers that focus on co-curricular programmes, with a focus on student startups in general, or on student startups that create new digital solutions.  

In the applications, we attach particular importance to the assembling of at least 5 colleagues internally, preferably from management as well as from the adviser and teacher level.

In addition, a minimum of 5 external persons must be invited, persons with whom you already collaborate or with whom you would like to develop a mutual knowledge base, or persons with whom you would like to establish a collaboration.


N.B. The funding can NOT be used for study trips for students.



For further information, please contact:


Pernille Berg

2026 7554