About Company Programme

Company Programme is a learning-by-doing programme for all upper secondary educations

Company Programme is for upper secondary education students. It is about learning to develop and realise a good idea within a specific area; it can be anything from social innovation to technical product development.

Company Programme is relevant for all upper secondary educations. The students achieve valuable competences that they can use as future entrepreneurs or innovative employees in any work place.

The pupils learn among others:

  • To work innovatively and generate ideas
  • To translate ideas into practice
  • To work independently
  • To cooperate internally and externally
  • To have a holistic approach
  • To create value for others


Four tracks

Company Programme has four tracks that indicate different types of ideas that the pupils can work with:

Science & Technology
Society & Globalization
Business & Service
Trade & Skills



For further information about Company Programme contact:

Programme manager Mette Meulengracht Jensen at mettem@ffe-ye.dk or +45 31 27 32 12