About the Foundation

Entrepreneurship is for everyone, as it strengthens children’s and young people’s ability to create, change and make a difference in the world. This is the vision of the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship and what we are driven by in our work with schools and educations.

The Foundation does this by helping schools and educations to promote entrepreneurial and innovative abilities in pupils and students. The goal is for entrepreneurship to be a natural part of teaching at all levels of education in Denmark.


Specifically, the Foundation works to ensure that all pupils and students complete school and education with the ability to get ideas, see opportunities and turn ideas into value as both talented entrepreneurs and valuable employees for the benefit of Denmark.


The Foundation for Entrepreneurship is also the central national knowledge center and focal point for the development of entrepreneurship in teaching at all levels of education in Denmark.



The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship was established in 2010 by an inter-ministerial partnership between four ministries and on the basis of the then government’s overall strategy for entrepreneurship education.


In 2012 the strategy was replaced by a new innovation strategy 'Denmark - a nation of solutions' which has a set goal for the innovation capacity of educations – a goal which the Foundation contributes to reaching.


The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship was established within the frames of the former Selvstændighedsfonden and has sustained its membership of the international organisation Junior Achievement (JA). JA is a non-profit organisation with the purpose of strengthening young people’s competences in self-employment, innovation and entrepreneurship.